We rely on the support of local eye care professionals—known as our Volunteer Vision Network—to provide eye exams and specialty exams for our clients in need of vision care that are uninsured and underserved. We are grateful to have the support of more than 60 eye care professionals to ensure everyone in our community has access to vision care.

We still have a need for more Volunteer Vision Network members as our waiting list for services grows. If you are an eye care professional in Northeast Florida, we hope you will consider volunteering at any capacity.

Current Needs:


We hold vision clinics to provide our qualified clients with an eye exam and prescription glasses. Our clinics are held in Duval, St. Johns, Clay, Baker, and Nassau counties at various locations. We can work around your schedule—mornings, afternoons, weekends, etc. Sovereign Immunity is available if you choose, and we will manage the paperwork.

In Office Services

Many of our volunteer doctors prefer to see our qualified clients in their office during a normal business day. You choose a set number of appointments you’re comfortable with donating. You may also choose to include glasses in your donation; otherwise, we will purchase glasses through a vendor. Our team will work with you to schedule the appointment and will communicate the appointment details directly with the patient. Sovereign Immunity is also available and we will manage all the paperwork.

Volunteer Vision Network Members

Advanced Eye Care
-Madeline Bost, OD
-Michael A. Powers

Arlington Lions Clinic

Baker Vision Care
-Mary M. Futch, OD
-Flora Poveda, OD

Amanda Brown, OD

Dr. Melanie Carvell, OD

Clay Eye Physicians & Surgeons
-John D. Wilcox, MD
-Russell A. Pecoraro, MD
-Brandon Powell, OD
-Clarence M. Harris, MD
-Melanie C. Javier, OD
-Donald M. Downer, MD
-Susan Frick, OD
-John P. Donovan, MD
-Lawrence Levine, MD
-David W. Hayes, DO
-David Green, OD
-J. Parker DuPree, MD
-Jerico Sayoc, OD
-P. Vernon Jones, MD

Dorothy E. Dobleo, OD

Eye Envy
-Tonia Bradley, OD

David Fitzgerald

Florida Eye Specialists
-Amit Rasik Chokshi, MD
-Ravi Rajesh Patel, MD
-David Alan Kostick, MD, FACS
-Saiyad Akbar Hasan, MD
-Kathryn Freidl, MD
-McGregor N. Lott, MD
-Jerry Maida, MD
-Rachana Patel, MD
-Rajesh Shetty, MD
-John Vassallo, MD
-Ashley Cowart, OD
-Kimberly Riordan, OD

Florida Retina Institute
-James. A. Staman, MD
-Benjamin Thomas, MD
-Abdallah Jeroudi, MD
-Raul Moreno, MD
-Thomas Moreno, MD
-Jonathan Staman, MD

Robert Gerson, OD

Hilda Hite, OD

Jax Vision Care
-Jeffrey Brown, OD
-Colleen King, OD

Jacksonville Eye Center
-Robert I. Schnipper, MD

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care
-Brian Schwam, MD
-Lee Ball, OD
-Meredith Bishop, OD, MS, FAAO
-Kurt Moody, OD, FAAO
-Michael Kynn, OD
-Charis Lau, OD, FAAO
-Elizabeth Dow, OD
-Kathy Osborn Lorenz, OD, MS, FAAO
-Giovanna Olivares, OD, FAAO
-Natalie Knabb, OD
-Michael Mayers, OD, FAAO
-Brian Pall, OD, MS, FAAO
-Ruth Ann Ham, LDO

Katelyn Jordan, OD

Levenson Eye Associates
-Jeffrey Levenson, MD
-Walter Gilbert, MD
-Walter Smithwick IV, MD
-Sheldon Singal, MD
-Elizabeth McLeod, MD
-Ronald Singal, MD
-Frank McDonald, MD
-William J. Knauer III, MD
-Curtis C. Schmidt, OD
-Steven Schwartz, OD

Susan Monahan, OD

Nemours Ophthalmology
-Kelly Unkrich, MD
-John Erickson, OD

Vanessa Orta, OD

Palm Valley Eye Care & Surgeons
-Megan Scott Carlton, MD
-Chandra Williams, OD

Adele Paul, OD

Pediatric Eye Consultants of North Florida
-Dawn N. Duss, MD
-Mary Armanious Hendy, OD

Alan Rauchwarger, OD

Retina Associates
-Fred H. Lambrou Jr, MD

Southeastern Retina Specialists
-John P. Sullivan, MD
-Shawn Agee, MD

St. Johns Eye Associates
-Sharokh Kapadia, OD, FAAO
-Diane Kapadia, OD
-Samantha Price, OD
-Dillon Smith, OD
-Morgan Kickliter, OD
-Jhaleil Phillips, OD
-Kim Lam, OD

ValuVision – Mandarin/San Jose
-Gail Leinwohl, OD

ValuVision – Regency
-Mary Del Campo, OD

Jerome Weitzen, PA
-Jerome Weitzen, OD
-Amanda Weitzen, OD

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