The Gift of Sight program is a collaborative program between Vision Is Priceless and Dr. Jeffrey Levenson of Levenson Eye Associates. Through the program qualified patients  receive free cataract surgery. The program was established in 1995 by ophthalmologist and Vision Is Priceless’ Board Member, Jeffrey Levenson, MD. Throughout the years, Dr. Levenson has provided over 500 free cataract surgeries.

Patients are chosen to become a part of the Gift of Sight program based on several factors including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Uninsured;
  • Legally blind in both eyes due to Cataracts;
  • Meets limited income levels (click here for determination);
  • and Northeast Florida resident.

*Must meet all of the above listed requirements. 

Give the Gift of Sight

In need of Cataract Surgery?

Partnering with Mr. Beast to Give the Gift of Sight

YouTube megastar, Mr. Beast, helped restore sight for 1,000 individuals by sponsoring cataract surgeries. He was inspired to help restore sight of blind people all around the world after coming across Dr. Levenson’s TED talk on ending preventable blindness. Mr. Beast partnered with Dr. Levenson and our team, to provide 40 blind individuals, right here in Northeast Florida, with the gift of sight! He also partnered with SEE International to arrange trips to Honduras, Kenya, Ghana, and the Philippines. Mr. Beast paid for it all. Check out the video to see the happiness our clients felt after regaining their sight.


Working to End Preventable Blindness: Meet Dr. Jeff Levenson

Dr. Jeff Levenson has helped restore the vision of thousands of people. His mission is to ensure that no one remains needlessly blind from a correctable eye disease for lack of funds.

Dr. Levenson works both locally and internationally to carry out his mission to prevent blindness. He is the founding director of Levenson Eye Associates, with four office locations throughout Northeast Florida.

Dr. Levenson also volunteers with Surgical Eye Expeditions International (SEE), where he currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer. Since 2009, Dr. Levenson has traveled to Central and South America to provide free eye exams and sight-restoring cataract surgeries to those who would otherwise not have access to proper vision care. While there, he also teaches local ophthalmologists how to perform safe, successful cataract surgeries without all the high-tech equipment we access to in the United States.

Locally, Dr. Levenson partners with Vision Is Priceless to provide free ophthalmic services as well as free cataract surgeries for people who are uninsured and low-income.

Receiving the Gift of Sight

Robert started to noticed a drastic change in his vision but his Medicaid didn’t cover eye care so he avoided seeing a doctor because of the expense. Eventually, Robert could no longer see the difference between the ceiling and the wall and could barely see out of his right eye. Robert became extremely nervous, “What if I become blind if I keep waiting?” Robert regularly attended the YMCA and they told him about Vision Is Priceless and the free services that we provide. Robert failed our free vision screening and received a comprehensive eye exam by one of our volunteer partner doctors at Levenson Eye Associates. The doctor told Robert that he had cataracts in both eyes and that they could remove the cataract in his right eye since it was worse.

Thanks to Vision Is Priceless, the Gift of Sight Program, and the volunteer doctors and technicians Robert was able to receive cataract surgery free of charge. “This is life changing!” exclaimed Robert when he came out of surgery, “This will change everything!” He was all smiles and in complete disbelief on how well he was able to see. Robert pointed out the colors he hadn’t seen in years, the numbers on the clock, peoples’ faces, and anything else showing how he could finally see! “I didn’t realize how bad my vision was” exclaimed Robert, “this saved my life!”