Adult Program FAQs

A vision screening provides your visual acuity scores to determine if an eye exam is needed. An eye exam is given by an optometrist or ophthalmologist who can assess your medical needs, including prescribing glasses, if needed.

Please contact the Vision Is Priceless office as soon as possible so that we can make sure we have the best way to contact you. You can email us at or call us at 904-503-2423.

The length of time to be scheduled for an eye exam is dependent upon the availability of donated services and severity of need. You can expect to be scheduled within six weeks of approval into our program.

Usually it takes about two weeks for Vision Is Priceless to receive the completed glasses. You will be notified when your glasses are ready for pick up, or you may request to have your glasses shipped directly to your residence.

No, we are not a medical office. We refer our clients to eye care professionals that have donated services to us.

The State of Florida offers Sovereign Immunity to all doctors that provide free volunteer services to qualified candidates. Sovereign Immunity ensures that the State of Florida is solely liable for any injury or damage suffered by a client receiving health care, if the provider works within the scope of his/her job description and is an agent of the state. Vision Is Priceless ensures that all clients seen by our volunteer doctors are SI eligible.

No, Vision Is Priceless is not a medical office and does not keep a record of clients’ prescriptions. Medical records can be obtained the day of your eye exam.

No, our program does not provide or offer contacts. Only single vision lenses and lined bifocals are provided when prescribed for qualified clients.

Vision Is Priceless has a network of specialty providers. If the doctor refers you to specialty follow up care, we will secure an initial exam.

No, we only provide a basic eye exam and glasses to qualified applicants. If cataracts or other serious vision problems are found at that time, we will send you to a specialist for an evaluation. An effort will be made to connect you to a resource or you may go on a waiting list for the Gift of Sight program for a donated surgery. Gift of Sight is only able to provide surgeries for a few select clients with the greatest need annually.

Children Program FAQs

Your child’s school or child care center will notify you of the screening date.

We use a SPOT vision screener to perform your child’s vision screening. The SPOT vision screener is a handheld portable device designed to quickly and easily detect vision issues. The SPOT screens both eyes at once, from a three-foot distance and uses lights and sounds to help engage your child. The SPOT screening can detect several vision issues and/or eye diseases and takes only seconds to complete.

Yes. Children will be screened while wearing their glasses. If they don’t pass the screening while wearing their glasses or contacts, it may mean that they need an updated prescription.

The vision screening found that there may be an issue with your child’s vision which could indicate they see poorly in one or both eyes. A vision screening does not detect all eye problems and should not take the place of an eye exam with an eye doctor.

Children are often unaware that what they are seeing is not the way everyone else sees the world, and they may not complain about their vision. Also, the child may have compensated for so long with the “strong” eye they do not notice a problem. Or perhaps they are seeing clearly but their eyes are not moving “together.” Children may complain of headaches not realizing it is from straining to see. Without proper screening, it is often difficult to detect a vision problem in young children.

If your child receives a referral from Vision Is Priceless, we recommend you contact your pediatrician who can recommend an eye care professional who sees children of your child’s age. When you take your child to the eye care professional, we ask that you give them your child’s referral form to complete and return it to Vision Is Priceless via fax, mail, or submitting the response on our website. This allows us to ensure those we screen are receiving care as well as to help us ensure our screeners are catching and identifying problems accurately.

If your child does not have health coverage and you need financial assistance to take them for an eye exam or to purchase glasses, you may be eligible to receive an eye exam at no cost to you through Vision Is Priceless. Please contact our office or see the Children's Program page on this website for more details.

As a child, over 80% of learning comes through vision, especially as they begin to learn to read and enter school. Even slight vision impairments can hinder their learning.

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