1 in 4 children have vision issues that are significant enough to affect learning.

Millions of children in the United States are in need of vision care, with half of them facing barriers that prevent them from receiving the needed vision services. Vision impacts every aspect of a child’s life—from learning, self esteem and social interactions, to participating in activities like music, art, or sports. However, children may not know they are seeing incorrectly, making it difficult for parents or teachers to know there is a vision issue.

The good news is, a majority of the vision problems—such as amblyopia and strabismus—affecting children are treatable. Our goal is to eliminate treatable vision problems for children in Northeast Florida to give them a better chance at success in the classroom and in life. We are working to achieve this through providing vision screenings and school-based eye exams.

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Vision Screenings

Early detection is critical to identify vision issues. That's why we screen over 30,000 children, ages 3-18, each year at preschools, independent schools, head start centers, and more.

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In addition to providing vision screenings, our team provides education on the importance of vision health and potential vision issues.

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If a potential issue is detected during our vision screening, a report will be sent to the child's parents/ caregivers indicating the need for a comprehensive eye exam.

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Mobile Clinics

We bring the doctor, eye exams, and glasses directly to students in need while at school to meet the needs of our community's most vulnerable youth.

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For qualified youth who are prescribed eyeglasses during one of our Sight in Schools clinics, our optician will fit their glasses and instruct them on caring for their lenses.

Mobile Vision Clinics

Youth from underserved communities are at a greater risk of untreated vision problems and have a higher rate of unmet needs for vision care services. Studies estimate that in low-income communities across the country, 95% of kids who need glasses do not have them. Since 80% of learning comes through a child’s eyes in their first 12 years, sending children to school without good vision is often setting them up for failure.

Through our Sight in Schools Children’s Vision Program Children, we are working to:

  • eliminate treatable vision problems for children in Northeast Florida to give them a better chance at success in the classroom and in life;
  • and addressing health disparities that affect economically disadvantaged children by ensuring they have access to vision health care—a vital component of primary health care.

We are doing this by bringing the doctor, comprehensive eye exams, and prescription glasses directly to students in need. We partnered with United Way of Northeast Florida’s Full Service Schools, along with local principals, teachers, and school guidance counselors to identify students with the greatest need for our services.

The eye exam and glasses are 100% free to the student. Vision Is Priceless is the only organization in Northeast Florida providing free eye exams and glasses for children from low-income families, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. We are filling a void in our community by giving the gift of clear vision to children.

Vision Screenings

Parents, what you need to know about our vision screenings:

Find out what to do before the screening takes place, what happens if your child passes the screening, and what to expect if your child is referred for a full eye exam.

Want to have a screening at your school?

We make it simple to have a vision screening in your school! Submit your vision screening request, and a member of our team will contact you.

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